Regularly scheduled, donation-based yoga classes are being held at Sun Dragon, 4534 Westgate Blvd #101, Austin, TX 78745 10% of all proceeds benefitting CarryOM. Learn More.


CarryOM is an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to bringing the practice and teachings of yoga to those who care for others — providing practical tools for stress-reduction, coping and self-healing — so they can better care for themselves and those they serve.

Yoga is known to improve the overall well being of individuals, including both physical and emotional health. Because most social workers, health care workers, and nonprofit staff members work long hours and receive lower than average wages, they typically can’t afford the time or money necessary to attend yoga classes and receive the beneficial results of a regular practice.

By partnering with local human and social service organizations and other nonprofits, CarryOM is able to bring complimentary yoga and mediation classes to the work place of caregivers throughout Austin. In order to counteract the high stress levels inherent in their work, our classes emphasize stress reduction and relaxation by incorporating gentle movement (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), and meditation. Our aim is to help them improve their emotional resilience, physical strength, and general wellness, so they will be better able to assist the diverse populations they benefit, without depleting their own energy and stamina.

Every CarryOM teacher is a certified yoga instructor, having completed training of 200 (or more) hours in either the Hatha or Kundalini traditions. Following in the ancient tradition of seva, all of our instructors volunteer their time, sharing the transformational benefits of yoga as an act of service.

Everyone at CarryOM believes yoga has a tremendous capability to heal and we are honored to be able to serve those who give so much of themselves in order to improve the lives of so many within the Austin community.