JENNY E. ORONA, President

As founder of CarryOM, Jenny is greatly invested in the wellbeing of this organization. As President, Jenny provides leadership, develops and fosters the vision, is the spokesperson for and carries out the will of the Board of Directors. Jenny’s greatest responsibility is to fulfill the mission of CarryOM.

LISA DIRKS, Vice President

With over 20 years in the non-profit sector — working in the arts and social services for such organizations as The Miracle Foundation, Austin Museum of Art, and International Center of Photography — Lisa brings a wide range of non-profit experience to her role as Vice President of the Board. As VP, Lisa carries forward strategic planning, is ex-officio member of all committees, assists the President in fulfilling CarryOM’s mission and presides in the absence of the President.


Yazmín’s passion for service and her dedication to CarryOM’s mission has brought her to this post as Secretary of the Board. In addition to maintaining accurate and current records for the organization, Yazmín also records and distributes the minutes from each Board meeting, maintains a list of CarryOM committees and their current members, and ensures that the information on the CarryOM website is accurate and up-to-date.

KEVIN MOORE, Treasurer

As Treasurer, Kevin manages and controls CarryOM funds, participates in preparing the budget, ensures that accurate books and records of financial condition are maintained, prepares the annual financial statement and comprehensive financial reports, and ensures that CarryOM complies with reporting requirements.

ELAINE DUBOSE, Social Work Consultant and Liaison 

Elaine’s 30+ years of experience as a social worker, and her current work with Casey Family Programs, put her in the perfect position to provide consultation for our organization and our teachers. Elaine leads trainings for CarryOM teachers who work with at-risk populations and she liaises with current and potential partner sites. She helps us determine which sites would best benefit from our services, and she maintains lines of communication with our current sites to ensure their needs are met. Elaine’s invaluable insight into forming relationships with people who have been through extraordinary human experiences, some very traumatic, is a true asset to CarryOM and a real resource for our teachers.

EDIE BORREBACH, Non-Profit Consultant

Having worked in and co-founded several non-profits and NGOs in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, Edie understands the unique challenges of starting and running a not-for-profit business. She is pleased to bring her experience and expertise in non-profit formation and management to CarryOM. Specializing in human rights advocacy, Edie hopes to help CarryOM articulate its mission and translate its intentions to direct service in a sustainable manner. Edie heads the Formation Committee and guides this leadership team in the application process as CarryOM pursues 501(c)(3) status.