As I began to teach yoga I started to notice a deep change in my body. And as much as I fought it in the beginning…my mind as well. My low back had suffered damage from a pool accident and I had lived in pain for many many years. On the insistence of a dear friend, I tried Yoga. After a rocky start, I did start to notice a subtle shift in pain and how I reacted to the pain. The more classes I attended, the less my body hurt; I saw a pattern. Needless to say, I became a yoga teacher. As I started to “study” yoga I began to find out that movement was only part of it; it was a great part because it decreased my pain, but there was something growing inside me as well. I began to explore and study all limbs of yoga: meditation, breathing techniques (Pranayama), visualization (iRest), sound (mantra), and energy locks (mudra). I began to find this balance within and without. It made me a whole person, one who could live without pain and with awareness of my surroundings. Everything was a little bit clearer, more vibrant. Stress and aggravation were things that no longer lingered within me. This, this clarity and awareness, is what I began to explore. It brought me to Kundalini and many of its teachers. I have incorporated all these methods, all these tools, and this is what I want to share!! This is what makes every person I have ever worked with feel better, be more alive and live with less stress. This is what I want to share with communities that have no access or knowledge of this practice. I am a certified iRest teacher, a 200-hour Kundalini teacher and a 500 E-RYT Hatha teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. I have done extensive study with Sound Therapy Gongs and Bowls as well as Meditation. This is where the biggest change happened for me, this is my passion and what I want to share the most. This is why I created CarryOM.

— Jenny E. Orona


Jenny O